Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A hit to the cause for the Secret Ingredient believers

"Heart researcher falsified red wine study, officials say"

"UConn officials said their internal review found 145 instances over seven years in which Dr. Dipak Das fabricated, falsified and manipulated data, and the U.S. Office of Research Integrity has launched an independent investigation of his work.
Das, a tenured surgery professor and director of UConn Health Center's Cardiovascular Research Center, has gained national attention in recent years for research into the beneficial properties of resveratrol, which is found in red wine."

Why are people who drink wine healthier?

My bet is there will never be found a secret ingredient in wine. It may some biological effect of alcohol. Plus, there may be social and health behavior factors associated with regular, moderate wine drinking.

Regular wine drinkers, especially at 2-glasses-per-day, consistnetly show up as healthier. Espeically if they are not bingers. Bingers are less helth-conscious people - the binging is correlated with smoking and other negative health habits. The mod alc consumption is assoc with good health habits- the healthy user effect.

The recent JAMA wine-and-brest-cancer article shows this - mod wine drinkers had greater mammography screening behavior, and if they had brest cancer it was detected at an earlier stage, relative to less frequent or no-frequent drinkers, and to more heavy drinkers.

People who drink wine regularly are usually in a traditional family and social context. They have social suport - instrumental and emotional.

The search for a secret ingrdient like resveratrol is tempting to docs who are really reductionist and cannot see social dimensions in health. If this doc could patent a pill, he would be rich. So, a motive to fake data.

Maybe I will look over the studies to see if data are glaringly dummied up.
Til then -
A Ta Sante ! Salud! Cheers!


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