Monday, July 11, 2011

Phoebe Prince: Media Loves Bullying, Forgets SSRI Warning Label

Here in America, we are still clueless.There it is on the warning label: Antidepressants can cause suicidality in teens.
So, a teen commits suicide. This event is widely covered by the media. As a bullying issue, not as an antidepressant-related suicide.
The fact that this teen was taking a pill that has, on the warning label, suicidaility as a side effect, is never mentioned.
Phoebe Prince. Go look for yourself.

This dude thinks he gets the point:

He doesn't.

Hypothetically, you could google "Phoebe Prince" and "SSRI"  -- would that be too hard? Do we really expect this level of knowledge and professionalism to be present in the Tara Parker-Popes of the world?
Well, let's see where this super-advanced sophisticated NASA technology info search gets us:

I repeat: this is really technical: google the girl's name, and SSRI.

And plenty more.
Adolescence is not easy. You will get bullied. But why add a drug that is noted to increase suicidality?
OK, that is one issue. The bigger issue is: why have no journialists or commentors in the major media picked up on this?
All they have to do is use google.
I know I have education and training far beyond Tara Parker-Pope. But seriously: can't you use google?

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