Wednesday, April 27, 2011

No Excuse for Absence.

Hi. I have no great excuse for not blogging the entire year until now.
There has been plenty to blog about.  And plenty of need for this type of contrarian blogging. There is a growing anti-med and conservative-med sentiment in society, but the prominent discussion does not seem to assuage demand in the least. Someone has to make a few good points, or come up with a jingle, or a viral video, and get things rolling.

Well, for 2011 thus far, it obviously has not been me.
I have been busy. Personal and professional life have been active.

I will try to blog more.

I really don't have an audience, but I believe it will pop up one day. And I need to have something for them to read. Something that really illuminates where we are as a society with the ideas of mental illnes and pill-based treatments - all the illusions we are sustaining right now, rather than face the hard work that pays off.

So, I will try.

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