Wednesday, December 15, 2010

trigger: "you want the cops to come in and kill you"

Clay Duke, Clay A. Duke, THE Clay Duke, yes that one. Panama City. Rebecca Duke's man. The Gentle Giant. (Not that Gentle Giant, you hippie.) Schoolboard shooting.

Bill Husvelt was saved by God. Good move, God, since Bill was handling things well at 99%, but slipped up. We are all flawed, and need God, as clever as we might be.

Bill Husvelt is not an expert on narcissism. Or on crisis management intervention with a homi/suicidal narcissist. IMHO, Bill Husvelt performed awesomely as an impromptu psychologist. Kudos. He deserves an honorary degree.

Husvelt's one flaw, in his plain-talk I-thou intervention, was to directly call the sad reality of it all straight to the injured narcissist. Causing more injury. How did he do this? What did he say? He said, ""I've got a feeling you want the cops to come in and kill you because you said you are going to die today,"


William Husvelt blew the scheme. The heroic plan that was revealing Duke as Sir Duke. Everything was going so well. So well, that Sir Duke did not know what to say, in response to conversation. Well, that is to be expected because the only person Sir Duke was familiar with, by conversation, was himself. Circuitous conversations in his head painting the picture. Then, after enough laps around his head, he literally painted the picture: vengeance. V.

Bill pulled back the curtain. The careful, almost, no don't say it, I must, masterful -there, I said it- masterful Johnny Paycheck orchestration was exposed for what it was. A sadly pathetic program meant to be some spontaneous heroic stand.

But we cannot fault Bill Husvelt too much. Only the "V" for vengeance overgrown adolescent ended up dead. Bill literally ducked a bullet (that is where God stepped in).

Bill does not know what a narcissistic injury is, and it is quite unlikely, therefore, that he could, in the moment, calculate what man-to-man talk might de-fuse, and what mano-a-mano might blow up.

In crises, don't ever belittle your narcissistic client  - espeically when they are holding a loaded gun. Don't pull back the curtain to reveal the pathetic man furiously working machinations to maintain the Ozsome-ness. Don't reveal that you have calculated the end game.

Should Bill feel guilt that a death occurred? I don't think so. We may never know, but it sure seems that the story was scripted to end with Sir Duke's heroic death. Inevitable. I really kind of believe Bill was correct: Sir Duke fantasized an ending where he would go out in flames, suppressed by the Machine, or whomever was the oppressor. I have never watched V, and don't even know if it is a TV show or a movie, or both, or a comic book, or all three, so I don't know what kind of ending Sir Duke had in mind. But I believe Husvelt had it correct: Sir Duke would go out in glory by the tools of the oppressors.

I believe that because the sympathetic negotiations went nowhere. The pleas to ask about this guys' wife went nowhere. Nowhere. (store that detail - it may save your life.) Sir Duke was not trying to pay the mortgage or get his wife back into a job. He was out to be martyred.

PS: I saw the story, saw the video, and put my thoughts together, and have not, in these 24 hours, checked the blog of the Last Psychiatrist. I have just focused on this one aspect of the incident - Bill's mis-step - because I am pretty sure Alone will conduct a better psychological autopsy than I will. Alone will at least likely be familiar with "V."

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