Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Earth To Dr. Manny: No Evidence Curcumin Cures Cancer. Or Prevents.

Dr. Manny is the FoxNews Doc on the Block. Sure to share some conventional wisdom and house-call hominess regardless of the evidence.

I don't know who the "Medicine Hunter" is, but apparently Dr. Manny trusts this guy.

Fox health video:

"Curing With Curcumin

The Medicine Hunter tells Dr. Manny how incorporating one popular Indian spice into your diet can lower your risk for cancer and improve your mood. Find out how much you should be taking a day."

Mood? Bonus.

I help teach people how to evaluate clinical evidence. My strength is in mental health/psychology/psychaitry, but I can dabble. My students include Indian students, along with students from many places. So, when we review people's pet theories of what heals and does not, curcumin / turmeric comes up. So, I keep challenging students to provide the evidence. When we apply our standards for evaluating studies, we never arrive at the conclusion that curcumin looks promising. I hate to tell someone Grandma is not correct. So, I give an alternate explanation: it is the social support and love that comes with the lovingly home-cooked meal.

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