Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Not in mood for a couple months to hassle with editor settings.

All of a sudden, back in November, I could not use the 'copy/paste' feature here.

I am always busy. I did not have time to goof around and figure out why this would not work anymore. I usually compose my posts in some other editor, then copy them into this blog. All of a sudden, that stopped working.

I took a few moments to get into this problem - I found no explanation, but opted for the choice of the 'new and improved' blog editor. that has solved the problem.

Good thing, because I have a backlog of ideas to post.

I really have to get these thoughts and observations posted here, or else people in my physical world will have to listen to me rant about these mental health topics, and they really don't care as much as I do, plus they have to listen to me make the same points over and over.

Here, I can post and feel like I have made my point, and that my point does not die away wit the fading echo of my noisy rants. Here, it stays and reverberates without my continued effort.

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