Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The allure of the "Genetic Disease." HIV, malaria genetic? I don't understand it.

At this link, there is a super cool visual display of what is supposed to be the sahred genetic contribution of genes to a wide range of diseases.

Look closer with the magnifying glass. Near Asthma, to the W and to the SE.

HIV is a genetic disorder?

Malaria is a genetic disorder?

They share common genes, and thus common diease cause, with asthma?

OK, there ya have it. Remember this the next time NAMI or whomever tries to tell you somethingg completely opposite to what your common sense tells you: that all of these mental disorders are "biologically based brain disorders," with genetic explantions and pharmaceutical cures.

I have drunk the kool-aid, and believe that malaria and HIV are infectious disease.

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