Friday, November 6, 2009

Tragic Fort Hood Shooting: This fits the pattern where I assume SSRI until proven otherwise.

This sounds like yet another story straight out of SSRI Stories.

If the problem is a rogue, loose-cannon religious fanatic, then we need to be aware of this type of problem, and respond accordingly. Regardless of denomination.

If the problem is that there is a great, growing Muslim conspiracy to overthrow the United States, then we neeed to be aware of this type of problem, and respond accordingly.

If the problem is that this man is one of the approx five percent of the population who get his nitric oxide neurotransmitter affected by SSRI drugs or SNRI drugs, and he has been on an SSRI / SNRI antidepressant, and he loses some second-thought and impulse control capability that is the function of the frontal lobe, then we need to be aware of this type of problem and respond accordingly. There are many psychiatrists who are on psychiatric drugs.

If the problem is any one of these, and we respond in a manner for one of the other ways, then we fail to make any progress, and we entrench the real problem.

In that sense, I don't so much care what the real problem is, but that we have truth as our goal. Not re-election, not PC correctness, not recruitment goals, not Jihad, but truth.

Another problem to figure out:
the military just came out and said most kids are not fit to be soldiers.

A year ago, there was a tragic incident at Fort Lewis, another army base, up near Olympia, Wash. A teen girl was escorted onto the base by one of the enlisted guys, and she died from at least too much alcohol, but possibly alc and other drugs. How did she get in? Security let her in. This revealed a pattern of some - not all - but some -- Ft. Lewis personnel traveling off base and down the road a bit, being approached by teen girls asking to be helped to get on base, then getting on base, and going wherever - not necessarily staying with the guy that brung 'em. Local teens were interviewed, and said, yes, this is what you do to go have fun and drink on the weekends. duPont is not a big town, and so secrets travel.

To get into Fort Lewis, you show ID to a hired / contracted security guy, not an Army guy. That is how it worked when I was hosted at Fort Lewis, and I commented to colleagues at that time: it seems odd that a major military base is protected by hired private security.

The person at Fort Hood who shot Hasan apparently was a hired security guy. In the middle of a crowded army base. At a time when most of our kids are unfit for duty. Sad. It just doesn't sound right. Our army base is protected by a hired security guy, not an army guy.

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