Friday, October 30, 2009

Corruption at Highest Levels: Rangel / Pfizer Under Investigation. He might want to ask his friends for a Xanax right about now.

Corruption at Highest Levels: Rangel / Pfizer Under Investigation. He might want to ask his friends for a Xanax right about now.

Dozens in Congress under ethics inquiry
Document was found on file-sharing network

**Rangel said he has not discussed other parts of the investigation of his finances with the committee. "I'm waiting for that, anxiously," he said.**
---Charlie, try a Xanax. Ask your friends at Pfizer.

A confidential report revealing that Chuck Rangel is under U.S. congress ethics investigation just got leaked. Other house of representative legislators are also under ethics investigation. For Rangel’s part, some of the problem looks like he crossed the line regarding cozying up to Big Business, including Big Pharma. It pretty much doesn’t get any bigger than Pfizer, purveyor of Zoloft and Xanax, which pretty much keep America running, if you believe the paid spokespsychiatrists and believe the prescription rates. Pfizer also sells Lipitor, another ungodly mess of a drug that is nevertheless pushed as ambrosia due to intensive marketing.

Rangel’s name is alarming in part because of the tremendous power he wields in Congress. He leads the house “ways and means” committee. What does this mean? Some of us understand a lot about these political things. Most of us don’t. “Means” is the same as if someone says to you: do you have the means to pay for this? Rangel hold the purse strings to one half of Congress. Each senator, since there are fewer senators, generally has more power than each representative. However, when either side wants to get some bill turned into law, it has to go to the other side and figure out how to get the other side to cooperate. A big part of getting legislation through either the senate or house, and then getting the other side to agree, is this: how will any proposed law be paid-for? So, you have to get the other side to agree to the price tag as well as the idea.

This is exactly like our private lives. We have to decide what, among a zillion things, we want to but, then how to pay. For those of us who are married, the analogy is even closer: we have to decide what, among a zillion things, to buy, then we have to go get our spouse to agree on what to buy and how to pay for it.

I want a new set of golf clubs. Sure, I could rush out and buy the best. But the spouse wants a new couch. Who prevails? Or can we each find a less expensive choice and each get our item, but not quite the item we truly desired?

So, for any legislation the senate wants, it has to go to Charlie, like a husband getting approval from his wife for a new set of golf clubs.

Do you see? Any representative is less powerful than any senator. Unless you chair the ways and means committee. Then, you almost have the wife-power over the entire senate.


So, how do you influence Charlie? Apparently, a trip to St. Martin works.

Currently, all of this is simply an investigation. Charlie, I am sure, has done nothing wrong. How could he do something wrong? He is a Democrat, and Democrats fight to protect us from Big Business. Right? Right?

Aren’t the Dems for the Little Guy? The Downtrodden? The Powerless? Us Versus Them? The EPA versus the Polluters? The Trial Lawyers Versus The Corporate Lawyers? The Unions Versus The Big Bad Auto Makers? The SEC versus Citigroup? The FDA versus Big Pharma?

Sure. Rangel took a trip with other congresspersons, and had it supported by a non-profit group. But who supported the non-profit group? Pfizer.

Why is Pfizer donating money to congress? The FDA is in place. Etc. what might they want to influence? Aren’t they just out there to make our lives better through polypharmacy? Surely they aren’t driven to any funny business at our expense?

And surely, our watchdog, our guardian, our protector, Charles Rangel, is on our side to protect us, if Pfizer strays a bit from beneficence. Right?

We’ll see. Myself, I am skeptical. Why? Maybe it is just my personality. Maybe I should learn to trust Rangel and Congress, and trust the psychiatrists. These people are saints, and money cannot taint their judgment.

Whatever. Like Rangel claims, I am for the little guy. I want to share info about when and how these powerful companies and organizations, and various aspects of our culture, are misleading us by lies, by misleading us, etc. If you are cheating people, you deserve to be exposed. Rangel does a lot of good. That does not give him license to cheat us, to sell the power we give him through our votes. Pfizer does a lot of good. AIDS patients are basically at the mercy of Pfizer for literal years of life. But because they do good, does this give them license to do bad? To lead us to suicide with something like Chantix, then pin the blame on us and deny their knowledge and culpability?

You decide. Is OUR political system dependent upon ACCEPTING abuse of power, accepting bad behavior, because we get a little good, also? Is it up to us to simply PICK OUR POISON? Pick which legislative candidate we prefer to have rip us off? Is that the deal? Or is it actually defensible that we DESERVE decent, committed people? Who should suffer the penalty when they cheat us behind closed doors? With our votes and our money?

Power to the people. Our govt works on our behalf with our money at our behest. Our report was put out in public on some file-sharing network, and this is how we learn what our reps are doing on our behalf at our behest with our money. Power to the people!!!! Now you know why Obama wants to be able to control "key" (subjectively interpreted) parts of th einternet in times of "emergency "subjectively interpreted). So the PEOPLE cannot find out what the govt is doing.

"Bill would give president emergency control of Internet"

You decide. You “decide.” There is an election next Tuesday. Do you skip all of the elections? Do you skip all but Presidential? You may have your opinion, but if you have no ACTION, the least of which is voting, then you have not actually made a decision. You actually may put more true DECISION into which movie to rent this evening, then deciding which scoundrels will be allowed to rip us off, and compromise our safety (FDA is supposed to be there for our safety), with our own money. You decide.

Also, as with these studies I review and criticize, we need to be skeptical of any and all politicians, regardless of party affiliation and regardless of what they claim. Sorry to bring you the sad news. But you cannot believe what you read in a peer-reviewed study published in the leading journals, and you cannot believe what the leading politicians, of the most noble party, tell you.


herb said...

Dear Doc,

"I just want to, again, advance the view that NAMI historically has been a wonderful advocacy group of, by, and for people with mental illnesses. This is still clearly evident at the LOCAL level. To a great extent, NAMI is parents of a person debilitated with a mental illness, or people with a mental illness that have figured out how to manage life with such a chronic illness, and are willing to help and encourage others. when I first joined, the newsletters were cobbled together from whatever local people decied to include, and the newsletters were locally typewritten / xeroxed by a selfless, tireless volunteer." --- medsvstherapy

Furious Seasons

I wanted to take a moment to compliment your realistic and rational thoughts as it pertains to NAMI. It seems to me anyway, there are very few who comment to Furious Seasons that are not overly challenged with anger as well as their dogma and herd mentality and therefore the inability to see beyond oneself. I agree with your thoughts as it pertains to the local level both in NAMI and DBSA. Although I participated directly with DBSA on a local level I was also familiar with parents and patients participating in NAMI and quite frankly both organizations run by volunteers did much good absent of any corporate interventions and little financial resources.

So, once again I applaud your objective efforts and any attempts to share information from all perspectives.

I also apologize for having to respond to your comments here as opposed to where they’re originally posted but I’m sure you can well understand.


MedsVsTherapy said...

Thanks. Herb. Keep reading! FS is an amazing blog.

herb said...


Hmmm! In what respect do you think it amazing?