Tuesday, August 4, 2009

This story makes me sick. And mad. "Kids as young as 3 can have chronic depression"

Have we lost our minds?

"Kids as young as 3 can have chronic depression
40 percent of kids still have problems 2 years after diagnosis, study says"


I have not looked at the actual publication. I have only looked at the news story.

As will be the case for most of us.

Think about it: what comes to mind if you learned that a child has been chronically depressed from the age of 1 year old to the age of 3 years old?

Call me crazy, but I do not perceive a wildly promising business opportunity.

I suspect: abusive or neglectful parenting. An insufficient social setting for raising a child.

In the news story, parents, parenting, abuse, neglect, and the social environment for raising a child get mentioned exactly.....never. Not at all.

This is the bias that big Pharma wants in your mind. Psych disorders are "brain diseases," "biological disorders," to be cured by a pill.

Never mind the mountain of evidence, of all kinds, demonstrating the social/experiential basis for depression.

Not once is the spectre of neglect, of adverse events, of abuse, of stressed, unavailable parents, etc. mentioned. Parents are not mentioned at all. At all.

How could a "news" story fail to include such an abvious concept?

I suspect that, somehow, by press release, or however, that the story was "fed" to some reporter by someone with a vested interest.

It is sick to do this to children. The rest of us? The 10% of the U.S. population that is on psych meds? hey, buyer beware. But let's at least take care of our children.

What if this study was about dogs?

People would be up in arms. Would be noting that dogs can't be cooped up all day. Need attention. Need room to run. Need toys. The home-breeder issue would come up. Someone from the ASPCA would be interviewed. The Dog Whisperer would be interviewed.

Kids? forget about it.

We are sick.

Do you need more proof?

Are you happy to know that "Kate is at peace"? --Same day, same news outlet:


No. i don't care. Kate is a millionaire, and an adult. she can take care of herself. I don't care if she is at peace or not. Sure, I want the best for anyone under the sun. But am I worried about how Kate is doing? No, not really. Is she worried about me?

What about her children? I am worried about them.

Just wait.

They are caught in the crossfire of a custody/divorce battle, magnified and captured by tv cameras. The Truman Show, but 8 kids, not one adults.

The story focuses no attention on the kids, but on Jon and Kate. At least they include Kate's comment about her efforts to include the children's welfare as she negotiates this parenting challenge. but the story focuses on Kate, then on Jon, but not at all on the children. And no one notices. No one blinked.

We are sick.


Anonymous said...

I had generalized anxiety and separation anxiety when I was 3 years old and there was no trauma involved. A lot of things are biological. My anxiety disorder was at the most intense when I was 3. Age has nothing to do with it. However, depression might be different, but childhood anxiety disorders are very real. There wasn't any trauma or anything that caused my anxiety, I was just a very anxious 3 year old. However, depression is different from anxiety, but I was a fragile, anxious three year old and my emotions were intense at 3.

MedsVsTherapy said...

I hear ya. Relating back to the post, however, I believe anxiety at 3 years old is quite different than having already been chronically depressed for two years by time you are three years old. On top of that, these pharma-sponsored psychiatrists would want any three-year old with anxiety or depression or "bipolar" to start taking these profoundly strong meds.

Mark p.s.2 said...

The CBC carried the story here in Canada as well. Comments were a mix.



Someone is pushing an agenda?

MedsVsTherapy said...

wow, the Canadian article is sad. But the comments are really out-there.