Monday, July 27, 2009

SSRIs again? "Man Kills Wife, Grandson, Himself on Wedding Anniversary"

AP story: Man Kills Wife, Grandson, Himself on Wedding Anniversary

I just saw this terrible headline. Terrible. I can almost guarantee that antidepressants wre involved in yet another familicide-suicide.

George Doby. Atlanta. july 27, 2009.

Google the headline to find the story. I don't think the link will persist.

Married to the same woman for 57 years? That does not sound like a foolish person or a mentally unstable person. Or a "cheat." Or a "drug addict."

"Dobys were a close-knit family that often got together for Sunday dinner." We are talkign about someone with social support his entire life? Shoots ppl all-of-a-sudden? How long do you have to be a decent person to be judged a reasonably decent person? I judge that this man was a reasonably decent person, from whom we would NEVER expect this type of thing. In contrast, I bet he was the opposite: giving, self-sacrificing, helpful, controlled, supportive.

Shoots his grandson? Who shoots their grandson?

If anyone catches more in-depth info, please post a note about it here.

If antidepressants have a bad effect in some modest portion of our population, towrd violent aggression rather than toward benefit, we need to keep briging this issue up until these drugs are only used in a certain way - with full fair warning for the patient, and a warning to involved family members.

Plus, research dollars need to be diverted from studying yet another me-too drug, to studying who gets affected this way, and how it happens physiologically.

In other posts, I have noted my opinion: maybe 3-4 % of people get this effect from SSRI and SNRI, or withdrawal from these, and I suspect it somehow involves the role of the neurotransmitter nitric oxide upon the frontal lobes of the brain.

I believe that for a modest portion of people, these drugs lead to a change in frontal lobe nitric oxide balance that loosens our normal capacity to govern thoughts or feelings of aggressiveness. I believe this effect is profound enough to strongly contribute to a family man killing self and family. We know that people who get frontal lobe head injury damage are more aggressive. The drugs are just messing up the frontal lobe functioning though chemistry, not blunt trauma.

Enough people have died now for us to take this seriously. Check out for more info.

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