Friday, July 24, 2009

Special JAMA edition on mental health! coming May 2010!!!

Get ready! Special JAMA edition on mental health! coming May 2010!!!

With all of the garbage parading as mental health research that has been published in JAMA, including the Robinson post-stroke paper which has actually climbed into the "infamous" category, I can only wait with baited breath to see how the pharma puppets spin their med solutions this time.

JAMA's call for papers, written by Richard Glass, notes: "All submitted manuscripts will undergo JAMA's usual rigorous editorial evaluation and review."

Is that supposed to be taken seriously?

JAMA has been hit hard regarding Robinson and other shams, and all they have done is defensively hit back, inclusing name-calling, rather than acknowledge the gaping holes in the fabric of editorial credulity. My recent observations:

A decade ago, here is what Glass concluded after conducting a systematic review of medical research journal policies regarding conflicts of interest:

"Conclusions: Most medical, biology, and economics journals have not developed written policies to deal with conflicts of interest. Publication of substantive articles authored by the chief editor of the journal raises questions about conflicts of interest in oversight of the peer review and manuscript acceptance processes."
(Google any of those phrases or the title, "A SURVEY OF JOURNAL CONFLICT OF INTEREST POLICIES," to find the original.)

Glass has written a great deal regarding COI, and hopefully he will be able to police this upcoming special edition for any funny business. I have one article in development that will qualify. Right on the timeline. A review of evidence. The conclusion will be: therapy wins.

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