Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"Suicidal food addict drops 400 lbs." --with meds or therapy?

Today Show's Joy Fit Club: From suicidal to happy with counseling and exercise: Where is the genetically-based serotonin disorder?


This link will probably not work after a while. Hopefully this great story can be tracked down by noting the woman's name, Tammey.

You may not be familiar with this Today Show feature: the Joy fit Club.
They profile people who were greatly overweight, then changed their life habits and lost a great deal of weight. Tammey's story includes the fact that she felt so hopeless that she tried to kill herself...

""After trying but failing to diet for decades, Tammey “gave up all hope.” Frustrated and isolated by her weight, she couldn’t see her situation improving. And so, in 2002, she attempted suicide.
“I was unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel,” she explained. “I did not want to be a burden to anyone.”
After her suicide attempt failed, it was clear to Tammey that that she needed professional help to overcome her weaknesses. Determined to heal “from the inside out,” she turned to a psychologist to begin healing the emotional wounds that often led her to binge-eating.""

Psychologist for counseling, plus a lot of behavior change regarding diet and exercise. Result? No longer suicidal.

How can this be?

If Tammey has a genetic "brain disorder," how can talking change her genetic disorder? Did her DNA change in response to the counseling? Did her brain physiology change in response to the diet? the exercise?

When you trust the thought leaders in psychiatry, and when you trust Big Pharma, they don't discuss this type of treatment and result. Your problem is a brain disorder, and the cure is medication. And when the medication does not work - wait don't tell me - yes, you need to take TWO medications.

Never mind that person behind the curtain!! That person who changed her behavior, did some talk therapy, and now is no longer suicidal!! Never mind the warning label for the medication that says that suicide is a side effect!!

In fact, Pharma will try to tell you that she should have been taking PILLS for her suicidality, and pills for her WEIGHT - oh, wait - Meridia, the weight-loss pill, has suicidality along with cardiovascular problems as one of many side effects, and yet another weight loss pill phen-fen had to be pulled off the market for cardiovascular problems.

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