Wednesday, April 22, 2009

William, Betty Parente of Long Island: the next SSRI family murder suicide?

yet another family murder / suicide in a decent, loving, connected, normal family. terrible news.

"Family's murder-suicide deaths baffle friends.The Long Island family was found dead in a suburban Baltimore hotel room"

"TOWSON, Md. - They seemed like an ideal Long Island family: William Parente was a lawyer, his wife Betty a stay-at-home mom active in the community. Their daughters were well-liked by teachers and classmates.

Friends and neighbors said they never suspected anything was amiss and were dumbfounded to learn the Parentes had died Monday in an apparent murder-suicide in a suburban Baltimore hotel room."

how can we explain all of this?


one guess.


"Kremer, the Parentes' next-door neighbor and a clinical social worker, said she saw nothing to indicate the family was having financial or psychological problems. She did note that William's parents and Betty's mother had died somewhat recently."

And you know what we will eventually discover, if only someone has the heads-up to ask: either the husband or the wife was recently prescribed SSRI to help the person cope with the recent losses. I have not yet seen this on the radar in the family murder / suicide of Chris Wood and family down the road in Frederick, Maryland.

Here is how tragically clueless the general America public, and the media, are: even though there is no evidence of economic problems, that is the scenario hypothetically trotted out.

Now, the media may be totally off-track, or I may be totally off-track.

We will see. Because at some point, which apparently is well beyond the thousands of murder and suicides where SSRI has been the common denominator, SSRI will finally get on the radar, and will be trotted out as one of the usual suspects, along with "the economy."

Then, maybe, things will start to change.

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