Monday, April 20, 2009

Update: Frederick, MD family murder / suicide and SSRIs

Adding a bit of gossip to my reecnt post on this tragic murder / suicide - from a family man with no likely profile of being a family murderer. Other than possibly being Rx an SSRI:

An autism blog ran a commentary on the psych pharamceutical issue. One commenter claims to have specific, recent info from the wife, now murdered, that her huband was on SSRI.

Here is the link to the web page with the comment:

And here is the comment:
"Posted by: Rosiecee April 20, 2009 at 10:19 AM
Regarding the recent murder/suicide in Maryland.....
Francie (the wife) was a member of one of my online groups. My "imaginary online friends" as I liked to call them. She was always pleasant and very sweet. I remember reading the birth story of her daughter who was born at home.
She hadn't posted in awhile, maybe the timing coinciding with her move to MD. But some members kept in touch with her.
Apparently some of the members kept in touch with her outside the group....and posted this morning that her husband was on antidepressants. I can't confirm this though but it wouldn't be shocking at all."

Now: what level of evidence would you say this is? Sure, it can be dismissed as "word-of-mouth," or rumor. But then again, it seems sincere and authentic. If it were conveyed by a reporter who happened to interview this woman, we would regard it as fairly credible.

That is where I put it, for the time-being.

We will see. Often, these news stories do not ASK, or REVEAL, the pharma connection. So, as these SSRIs may be posing a terrible threat to many of us - they have been prescribed to an astonishing level for the past 2 decades - the media have not quite caught up enough to ask about psych meds in these events, the way that they apparently will ask about "stress" or "psychological difficulties" or "illegal drugs" or "guns" or "family problems."

why not? we need to be open-minded to this great body of evidence. when we hear: "the murderer / the suicider was on SSRI," we can't just think: oh, well, that explains a lot - they were having mental difficulties," --we also have to think: "I wonder if the SSRI influenced them, to prompt a bad situation or circumstance to go even worse - far worse."

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