Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sad to say: I was right: Chris Wood Rx 1 SSRI, 1 SNRI, 2 more psych meds.

"Wood, 34, also suffered from depression and anxiety and had been prescribed four anti-depressant medications, Sheriff Chuck Jenkins said during a Tuesday afternoon press conference.

Because toxicology reports will not be available for several weeks, detectives do not know if he was taking his medication at the time of his death. The drugs seized were Cymbalta (duloxetine), alprazolam, paroxetine, and buspirone, officials said."

Cymbalta is a SNRI antidepressant. Alprazolam is a plain old anti-anxiety drug. Paroxetine is an SSRI. Buspirone doesn't fit too easily in these types of categories, but acts upon serotonin system, as does any SSRI or SNRI, but has different effect, with more anti-anxiety effect, and less bothersome side effect profile.

SNRIs seem less linked to these violent deathly acts, but still linked, while any SSRI is strongly linked. "" and other sites have overflowing information. Simply google any of these terms, and "suicide," and you are on the trail.

Yes, the guy had half a million in debt. OK, maybe the guy feels hopeless, and wants a way "out." And for some reason wants to have his family die, also.

But look at how gruesome the whole murder was. Killed the wife, AND the kids? Shot THEN butchered people with a knife? Something was messing with this guy's head.

It was a Trojan Pill. He was prescribed these pills, thinking they would help him. Then, like the Trojan horse once inside the walls of Troy, the bad appears, invited through the pathway of good.

Why these 4 different prescriptions? Was this guy so messed up that one, or two, were not sufficient? No.

It is very unlikely that this successful, gainfully employed family man walked into a doc's office and walked out with 4 prescriptions.

These were all seized from the home, at the same time, but they were all part of the meddy-go-round.

Likely, one was initially prescribed as treatment for depression. AND likely NO talk therapy was pushed, referred, delivered, etc. Maybe an antianxiety was also rx since the guy may have mentioned sleeplessness.

Well, he was not depresssed because of a "brain disorder." He was not having poor sleep because of a "sleep disorder."

The docs can try to convince us all they want that these are just biological, genetic illnesses to which we are pre-disposed. Hi, you have sickle cell. Sorry about that. It is genetic and you got it from your folks. Hi, you have cystic fibrosis. It is genetic and you got it from your folks. I will help you get treatment.

We know better. Why do we go along with these pills? I don't know.

Talk therapy also works. And works better. And does not have the range of side effects, such as ED or suicide, as these pills. For this guy, talk therapy may have worked. Also, financial counseling may have helped. Marriage therapy if it looked like the couple was having a challenging time facing the financial problems, and was not working well as a team.

Overall, it seems clear: to improve sleep ,the guy needed to get somewhere on his financial problems, not take a pill. The pill did not help his financial picture.

Likewise, the pills did not improve his hopelessness in the face of financial problems. Actual financial strategies, perspective-taking, etc. would have helped. A pill does not reduce your debt.

So, why 4 meds? I have painted a picture to show WHY the meds failed. The pills do not improve your financial picture. So, the depression and sleeplessness continues.

He goes back to the doc, who believes in a simple idea despite tons of evidence regarding the actually quite limited effect: "pills cure depression." So, the doc switches from one to another. Probably from paroxetine to cymbalta. For anxiety, maybe from buspirone to alprazolam.

Cuz the anxiety pills have not made the worry, or the sleep problems, go away. Why not? because they did nothing to help him address the unsold house in Florida.

This is what the doc is saying about the world: if you give someone a pill, it will work by helping their house to sell more quickly. That does not make sense.

So, the guy goes to switch from paroxetine to cymbalta. And so he gets hit with SSRI withdrawal syndrome. And tries to mask it with alprazolam (AKA xanax).

That is how 4 Rx end up in the home.

I hate to be right about this.

Plus, I hate how the media and eveyone frame this as a "mystery," or a "financial stress" story.

Stable, successful church-going family guys do not brutally slaughter their entire family because of 450k in debt.

Sure, there is always the exception. But this pattern is scary. This is a pattern, not an exception.

Look down the road: down I-70 to 695, and around to Towson, to see what is going on at the family murder / suicide scene in Towson. Maybe Michael Phelp's mom is on the scene to advocate for more psych drugs...


CJ said...

i believe you are right, my brother died last June and apparently he was on several antidepressants. I strongly believe the pills were the cause.

Anonymous said...

I am Chris' sister. Eleven years older and I loved him like he was my own child. He loved his family. He loved Francie and he loved his children. Sadly, I and people I know, know many people who have killed themselves because of changes in anti-depressants. Going on, going off, going on a different one. Doctors need to stop prescribing them like they are candy. They need to involve family members to alert them to what they need to watch for. They need to make sure clients give up any remaining pills from previous prescriptions when they are prescribed something new. My brother had six different prescriptions in his system when he died. Two anti depressants, two anti anxiety, one pain and one sleeping. Excuse me - it does not take a medical professional to know that is a disaster waiting to happen. The side effects of most of these drugs are terrifying. Homocidal idea, suicidal idea, psychotic breaks... This could happen to anyone we know.