Monday, April 20, 2009

Frederick, MD Christopher Wood family murder suicide: another ssri story?

You won't have to go far to discover this very tragic family murder / suicide story. Basically, a decent family guy, Christopher Wood, with loving wife, extended family nearby, gruesomely killed wife then kids, or kids then wife, then shot and killed himself.

His wife has had a blog in which she noted his stress, including financial stress. So, now, the media and the rest of us will believe the stress, including maybe financial stress related to the economic downturn, caused this guy to slaughter his family.

Do you buy it?

People, we need to begin thinking like this: with a suicide, or murder/suicide, first suspect some big problem with illicit drugs: a person with a long-term alcohol, cocaine, etc. problem finally got impulsive enough to make the aggressive act;

Second: suspect SSRI.

This guy was a provider. He and his family were solidly involved in their normal, everyday house of worship community, and his wife was a stay-at-home mom, raising the kids. The man had accepted a promotion, and was trying to succeed. Early stories indicate the couple may have been looking for another home.

So, this is not some absent father, or overgrown adolescent. This man was a provider. A family man.

So, by my thinking, we should be very suspicious of SSRI influence, or SSRI withdrawal influence, upon violent aggressiveness.

Here on this 10 year anniversary of Columbine (where SSRIs were involved).

I search the news stories: they are all the same. In fact, they are literally all the same story.

But as news pops up, I finally see the clue:

CNN carries a story, with info from a local sherriff:
"There was a mention of some medication' in that note, according to the sheriff."

What note?

The man apparently left five or so suicide / explanatory notes.

So, while most of us are led astray by the "stress" explanation, and while some of us start chiming in with the idea that we should not have the right to arm bears, because it leads to mass murders, A few of us will be quite upset about the primary cause. THe cause right in front of everyone, staring at them, but avoiding detecting.

Psychiatric medications. Specifically, SSRIs.

We think: "oh, psychiatric medication: well, this proves he was mentally unstable."

And we can carry on with our own life, feeling safer now that we undestand that this murder suicide occurred because a mentally unstable person, despite treatment, had access to a gun. And access to knives. So, maybe we add knife ban to our list of rules for a perfect world.

But we are not safer. Because when we buy the mental instability explanation, we buy the SSRI cure. Wow, he should have started treatment sooner.

What we see is the opposite of what we should see:

The common thread in so many inexplicable murders and suicides is: SSRI.

Like Angela Lansbury showing up on "Murder, She Wrote." As soon as she shows up, or as soon as Agatha Christie's Miss Marple shows up, you know someone will be dead soon. Or has just died.

Likewise, SSRI is there for all of these incidents. Let's start using logic, and be wary that SSRIs are contributing to these impulsive acts.

Because if SSRIs are part of the solution, like everyone seems to believe, then that indicates one thing.

But if SSRIs are a major part of the problem, we will not get a handle on this problem as long as we are foolishly following the influence of Big Pharma as they push these under-studied drugs.

If autopsies are not even systematically screening for SSRI, and if investigators are not asking survivors about SSRI, and gathering med records, we will continue to allow this phenomenon to escape detection. If this issue is not posted in the actual story as each occurs, the way that "stress" is always bandied about as the trigger of violence, then we will never see what is right there.

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