Monday, March 30, 2009

JAMA / COI / Robinson issue snowballs...

OK, this JAMA conflict-of-interest issue keeps snowballing.
End of last week, JAMA's parent organization, American Medical Association, called for a review of the issue:

Apparently, this was in response to attention from a handful of places, including the
"Alliance for Human Research Protection," well as the fact the JAMA editor DeAngelis has been aggressively maintaining a couple odd views, such as: JAMA was totally caught off-guard by author Robinson's COI "revelation" published in BMJ; and also the idea that no one should be able to say anything on this whole ordeal until JAMA decides it has conducted its top-secret investigation.

As I have said: all it takes to determine whether Robert Robinson had some conflict of interest with Forest Labs, manufacturer of escitalopram, was to google the terms "Robert Robinson" and "Forest Labs."

When AMA looks closely at this specific study (PMID 18505948), they may have some more questions for DeAngelis about editorial review. Especially if AMA searches the web for all the comments on the critical design flaws in this study.

Get that CV ready, DeAngelis.

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