Friday, March 27, 2009

finally a brave psychologist: ""bending over backward" to play down negative implications"

Recent study:
"Debate over drugs for ADHD reignites; New data from study paints different picture than initial results from 1999."

Basically, currently, Pharma-sponsored psychiatrists are running all over the place pushing meds for a great range of problems that can be successfully managed with psychotherapy. There is little to no discussion of ever 'augmenting' with therapy, or giving a trial of therapy first, which seems reasonable in many cases, since talk therapy does not stunt growth, damage your liver, cause akathesia, or contribute to suicide.

The people to really counter this message should be counselors and therapists, through their professional organizations. But they don't. why not? DK. There are a few good hypotheses - I should blog up a good discussion of this soon.

But here in this news story, a psychologist finally gets off the two-handed nice-guy act (well, one one hand, the data show this, but on the other hand, blah blah blah let's all talk nice and respectfully this is science blah blah).

A psychologist lays it out there:
Why are we all bending over backwards to accept the twisted interpretations and explanations from these paid shills?

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