Monday, October 6, 2008

Meds loses this one: Nemeroff resigns. Oct 06.

This link to the NYT story looks like it won't work.

Well, Google "nemeroff" and another key word, such as "grassley" or "emory" or "new york times." You will find the line of stories.

With ample funding support from pharmaceutical companies, Nemeroff has been a greatly influential "thought leader" in psychiatry. Part of this role involved fighting the eventual emergence of the recognition of the problem [in the form of black box warnings, etc.] that SSRIs increase likelihood of suicidal thoughts, and also the eventual but less common suicidal actions resulting from these thoughts.

He has also been strongly working on the vagal nerve stimulator as a treatment for depression. Hopefully, that effort will be slowed without his weight behind it. If it is as good as the meds he has been pushing for years, we are all in for a treat with this cute little implant.

While it is emerging that many of these leading psychiatrists were not more than hucksters, and that the meds often don't actually deliver what the ads and the reps say they will deliver, at least there still is good ol' talk therapy to treat depression. Now, if only the American Psychological Association could figure out a way to let the American public understand that psychotherapy treats depression, we might be able to comfortably wave goodbye to the rest of these pill shills.

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