Friday, August 8, 2008


I wrote that other blog, Meducation, and spontaneously came up with that term Meducation. I posted my blog. Then, I went to see if anyone else had applied the label "Meducation" to the Big Pharma role in CME education. I found a zillion web entries for "meducation."

Darn! I really wanted to coin a term today.

I don't think anyone has used the term "pharmeducation" to refer to Pharma-developed or sponsored CME. It is kind of hard to tell how the term was used in one manic post [google "whypsychopsdrugsemfcontrolbad" and give me your opinion).

However, "meducation" has occurred as a clever neologism to many, for many explicative and expository demands.

So, I devoted a couple more brain cells to the effort, and came up with "pharmeducation."

When googled, this basically led me to: someone's email (to mr. pharmeducation: sorry for all the dumb emails you may now receive), and to an online pharmacy site that seems to either be very slow to load, or very slow to load malware onto my computer. No thanks, online drug store: I have great health insurance and docs who will provide me with any samples I need (worthy of another post one day).

So, I am claiming to be the innovator of the term "pharmeducation" as a euphemism for Physician Continuing Medical Education that is tainted by conflict of interst from Big Pharma.

Darn. I still kinda like "meducation."

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